Gel Nail Removal Instructions

Ready to Start?!

Step 1:  Lightly file the tops of your nails

The first thing you want to do is break the gel polish seal on your nails using a file. Filing the nail breaks the seal, this way the acetone can pass right through the topcoat’s barrier and do all the heavy lifting.

Step 2: Become a wrap star

Once you’ve sanded away the topcoat on all 10 nails. Start by wrapping one hand at a time.  If you go all-in, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Start by saturating a small piece of cotton  with acetone, then immediately place it on your fingernail. Next, tightly wrap the aluminum foil around your finger to cover the cotton, then repeat on the other four digits. Tip: Acetone evaporates, so air will slow it down. That’s why the tighter you can wrap the quicker the gel will lift.

Step 3: Let them soak

Not all gel polishes or gel nails require the same amount of soaking. With so many brands, the formulas vary and some are more difficult to remove. Some can even take up to an hour (- bio gel nails, acrylics, etc) Though in most cases, 15 minutes should do it!

How can you tell if the gel is ready? Remove a foil, and if it looks like the gel is lifting and crumbling you should be good to go

Step 4: Remove foils and push

Working one finger at a time, remove the foil and use the metal cuticle pusher , gently scrape the gel from the nail. If you find the gel polish isn’t lifting easily, then nails need more time to soak!

Step 5: Buff, baby, buff

Nails should look almost gel-free at this point, but you may have some rough spots. Use the less coarse side of the buffer to gently smooth any roughness left on the surface of the nail. This step just removes any excess gel that’s left on your nail from the base coat. Plus, it leaves them extra smooth. Now, repeat steps one to five on your next hand.

Step 6: Give them some TLC

You should always moisturize your nails and the area around them, but it’s even more important after you’ve removed your gel polish manicure. Use your cuticle oil to massage into the nails. Nails are naturally dry, this gives them flexibly, so they don’t break or crack.

Tip: If you feel naked without nail polish, you can top your nails with a strengthening product (If you do this, make sure you do it right after STEP #5). We love OPI Nail Envy, which fortifies nails with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium.